Who we are?

We are two young people interested in web design and we both find pleasure in decent humor on the Internet. By decent, we mean sites that we would want to visit again and again. We enjoy anything on a website from animation graphics to videos, jokes to top ten lists and we also enjoy the best and worst sites too. In essence, we enjoy a variety of fun and humour that makes the day go by a little bit faster and makes it more enjoyable. Most of our links are in our bookmarks, so if you ever want to view our bookmarks, look in the personal favourites section.

What we do?

As we find ourselves hard to be entertained, we both know how difficult it can be to find humorous entertainment on the Internet. (Especially, sites that provide an interactive assortment of websites like jokes, cartoons, movies, humorous pictures, games, and comedy.) So…. we decided to create a site that allowed people to have a good time with our favourite entertainment, and we invite everyone to contribute with their favourites too! Add your best or worst to our links so that we can provide you with the best and worst forms of entertainment that the Internet has to offer.

What is our MISSION?

Our mission is simple. We want to have the opportunity to distribute the most valuable and free links of the best entertainment found on the web. Basically, links that would be re-visitable without raising the level of boredom. We want to be able to provide the Internet community with as much laughter and fun as possible. We strive to keep up to date as well, so that our return, regular visitors have all the new and interesting leads to sites they have never seen before. The world needs humour, and we aim to please.

In Summary.

The Internet is a vast and infinite space where it is sometimes difficult to find a really good entertainment site. As frequent users, we know the boredom that comes with visiting the same sites all the time. We came to the conclusion that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. So we have created a website that is designed to remove the boredom and provide great entertainment. Our site is a combination of jokes, games, animation features, interactive pictures and quiz’s, surveys, humour, a top-ten list and basically the best and the worst forms of fun that the Internet has to offer today. We strive to please the view so of course we will frequently be updating our site with new and better boredom-cures. We ask that people also contribute their own links so that we can provide a broader-viewing base. Our own favourites are also listed under personal favourites so that everyone knows what gets are laughter bubbling. Our mission is simple and that is fun! Fun for everyone, humour for everyone, and hours of great entertainment for all!